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As an added bonus, you'll also join our weekly newsletter which will give you instant access to exclusive recipes, workouts and event updates and advice written for health seekers just like you!
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Our theory is simple: small sustainable changes, day by day, with someone who is in your corner all the way, giving you exactly what you need, when you need it, to achieve your success.

Workout plans that have the gym, home and travel covered.

Nutrition plans tailored to suit YOU; your taste buds & your dietary preferences. Jess's simple & easy recipes will enable you to bypass the kitchen failures & increase your kitchen confidence!
We don't offer diets or quick fix plans! 

Our approach is focussed on you taking small, measured steps which lead to BIG results. It’s about creating the shifts that will get you from where you are now, to where you want to be; enabling you to enjoy lasting change.

We break things down into manageable (& fun) steps; we go at a pace that works for you & we get you to where you want to be...healthier, fitter, more body confident, stronger & ultimately happier.
As a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and ‘foodie’, I am passionate about the power of food, movement and our mindset, and the influence, positive or negative, it has on our health. 

My mission is to educate & inspire people to achieve & sustain their health & body shape goals.

When you understand exactly how your body works & what it needs to thrive, you can quickly shift the production of what you're physically & mentally able to do each day.

Inspiring people to take micro steps to turn their health around is my passion, and in my 10+ years of working in the health and fitness industry, I've found that it's sometimes the most simple changes (performed consistently) that make the biggest difference. I've also realised that it's not a lack of information that's often the issue, it's having it put across in a way that's relatable, inspiring & feels achievable. 

By running my nutrition clinic, exercise classes & teaching high-end nutrition workshops to businesses around the world, I am able to turn her body of knowledge into a simple, straight-forward process that gets results & avoids unnecessary overwhelm and frustration to save my clients time.

I live on the island of Menorca where I run my Online Nutrition Clinic and Online Workout Club from, and when I'm not in my yoga/workout gear, I spend my days in denim shorts and a swimming costume with a cafetiere of chai tea by my desk, a smoothie of some kind in hand (usually of the green or berry variety) and our two-year-old rescue dog 'Boni' never far away.

I love travelling the world & hibernating in the winter in my comfiest socks, yoga pants and pineapple-esque hair. I love to get out into nature, picnic on a deserted beach and stroll along the coast with a hot tea and homemade hiking bar in my backpack.
As a leading Personal Trainer, fitness expert & Nutrition Coach, I have worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs , high level executives, top class athletes & clients around the globe to rapidly upgrade their energy, transform their bodies, & enhance mental clarity. 

I teach smart ways for creating more energy, more mental clarity, & more stamina throughout the day. 

My approach focusses on simplicity, having fun, giving insight into why exercises and foods are chosen & increasing areas of life such as sleep, energy, mood, longevity, and other areas holistically connected to the above.

Most days you can find me in Menorca, Spain. I am mostly known for personal training/coaching either online or in person here on the island. 

People often refer to me as someone who takes pride in what they do and getting lasting results is important to me. I love serving the world by helping people improve their health and self image. 

The things I am most passionate about in life are my nutritionist wife Jess, my family, adventuring outdoors here in Menorca, hiking, snorkelling and travelling the world.

I work with people that are time poor who deserve results. Each of us is different so treating everyone with that difference in mind helps get sustainable results. 

I train people online via Skype or Zoom calls which works incredible well providing you have space in your home to do so. Minimal kit is required.

Success Stories.

All my life I have dieted for aesthetics and body image switching between starvation and fasting and fad diets but I never followed a programme for my wellbeing and health..until really changes your mindset and you start to see beyond the body shape ideal and I have begun to respect and appreciate my body more for what it does for me every day and I appreciate like never before what I have in terms of health. I'm seeing my skin improving and sleeping better and I’m eating and exercising consciously and zero alcohol and zero junk food and not missing it at all because I now choose good nutritious nutritious food and it feels nourishing.. it really is a reset and a change of mindset for me personally thank you for all of it Jess + Tom can’t wait to continue this programme.

 - SARA -
Definitely feeling better and stronger. More energy and that showed in this morning’s boxing session with Luke. Loving the positivity of the FB group.

Can’t wait for the next set of exercises.Stay strong everyone!

- DOUG -

My work shirts are fitting much better. Such a good feeling

- PAUL -
I dug out my summer clothes ready for my holiday tomorrow and was trying them on to decide which to take and am delighted to report that they’re all fitting SO much better than they did in the summer - some of them haven’t been worn for around 4 years but are back in the mix now thanks to this programme 😊

I also did the ‘dress test’ the other day – tried on 3 dresses that had got too tight to wear – and all fit so much better! I’m quite surprised at how much the measurements have changed in only 2 weeks. Wearing a bikini on our cruise in 3 weeks’ time doesn’t sound quite so daunting now!

HOME OF . . .
Providing the online support system, membership community and accountability you need to make YOU a priority.

Guided monthly home and gym workouts, energising and calming Yoga flows & refreshingly simple (diet/starvation-free) nutrition guidance with monthly Q&A's and expert talks.

No more putting yourself to the bottom of the list.

Your step by step-by-step plan to get you feeling (and looking) healthier, more toned, energised, and weighing less.

In just 8 weeks.

* Designed for busy people who want to feel better, achieve more and finally get their health and their body on track [without spending hours in the gym or being on a restrictive diet]
It's a life changing programme. The way I view food and my relationship with food has is completely different at the end of this challenge. 

I look forward to my smoothie every morning and miss it if I don't have it then I need to have veggies and a salad with every meal! It’s wonderful to have taken back control.

 - VICKY -
I've lost 7kg since starting the challenge (7 weeks ago) and my body shape has changed dramatically accordingly. 

I have totally changed the way I think about and see food and am so much happier for it.

 Working with Jess & Tom has been a super supportive way to learn better habits and focus on health, as well as change from the inside. I've lost inches and learnt lessons!


Meet Some of Our 
8 Week Body Reset Graduates

44 year-old working mum, who works very long hours. 
Goal: get health on track and loose 10kg before 45 
Wife and working mum looking for a kickstart to break some habits.
Goal: get fitter, more toned and healthier
Are you successful in your business but stressed and over worked? Has your body taken a hit in recent months/years and you're at the point (well, beyond the point) of wanting to do something about it?

You want to lose weight but your job and lifestyle keep making it too hard for you to go at alone so you need guidance, accountability and a fail-proof plan that considers client entertaining, work travel and the fact that you don't want to spend every free hour in a gym, eating out of tupperware!

Do you go to the gym at least several times a week but still you can't shift that body fat, in fact you seem to be GAINING weight?

Frustrated? We hear you. We get it and we come with a solution-focused attitutude to get your body to where you want and deserve it to be.

Maybe you've had a health scare recently and it's time to make some big changes before it's too late?
If you are committed, open to learning and have a clear goal that you're looking to work towards and want to make some serious changes to your health, business and life then let's talk.
“Their weekly programs, weekly check-ins, and their highly personalised approach, is totally unique. And on top of that, they are a genuinely lovely team who really care about helping their clients become physically and psychologically healthier and happier. 

Thank you Tom & Jess!!” - Allison -
Are you a corporate business that would like to improve the health of your team? 

Do you have an audience that would love to learn about a variety of health, nutrition, fitness and/or lifestyle topics? 

Employee wellness & sharing science-backed nutrition/fitness education is something Tom and I are passionate about; having lived and worked in London for 10+ years running three nutrition clinics, personal training studios & gyms, we understand the pressures of London-life and the demands this can place on one's body.

We break the complex world of nutrition and exercise into relatable language and give easy to implement action steps to help you become more efficient and effective in everything you do.

All talks are practical, engaging and interactive. People will leave with the knowledge and know-how to carry the ideas discussed into their everyday lives.
“Jess and Tom are extremely knowledgeable in both nutrition and exercise, and kept the room engaged with a great mix of talk and carefully chosen exercises tailored to the subject and office environment." - Crédit Agricole -
Tucked away amidst the wild olive groves, on the rustically beautiful island of Menorca, here you can find Menorcan Retreats. 

Created with nature in mind, we bring exercise, yoga, delicously nutritious food and the love for the outdoors, into carefully put together Retreat getaways.

The goal? 

“The perfect balance of adventure and relaxation time” - Anya -
To leave you feeling calm, topped up energetically and nutritionally, and with a collection of unfortgettable memories made.

From our Reboot Retreats, designed for those who want to hit the 'reset' button on their health, giving their body the kickstart it needs to break old habits and replace them with ones that better serve them, through to our Yoga & Cooking Retreats, you can pick the exact Retreat that is perfect for you at this moment in time. 

Surrounded by a group of like minded people and immersed in rustic island beauty, you will be inspired to collect memories, not things.
“A great week of refreshing my soul” - Leah 
"My latest pictures were taken in January 2019 the day before my 50th birthday. I am delighted with where I am now and am continuing on my journey, fitter and in better shape than I have been for over 25 years and building up to the London Marathon in April.

Thanks to both Tom and Jess. They are professional, personal and they care. Works for me and could work for you too! Give them a try.....what if it really worked as well for you?"
The Online Workout Club
A lack of direction, motivation and accountability are the three top reasons why people don't exercise regularly, even though we all know we *should* be exercising!

This is where our Group Online Workouts come in; they are an exclusive LIVE workout that Jess runs three times a week which allow you to train from the comfort of your own home/living room/hotel room which makes it an exceptionally convenient and time-efficient way of training. 

The biggest benefit? As well as you being able to follow along with Jess, she is able to see you so she can correct your form and push you beyond what you would do by yourself so you get the most out of the training session.

This way of training is ideal for anyone who struggles to fit in exercise or who lacks direction or motivation to go to a gym or for those that access to a gym simply isn't an option due to work travel or a lack of childcare.

The workouts are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, group 1 begins at 6:30am and group 2 begins at 7:10am UK. 

These sessions give you convenience, efficiency & results. Email now.
The Online Nutrition Clinic
The Online Nutrition Clinic enables you to seek the professional advice from Jess (a qualified Nutritional Therapist with 9 years of full time nutrition practice), from the convenience of your own home/office.

Beginning with a thorough review of your health and life history timeline, Jess will look at your current health symptoms, nutrition, lifestyle, past reports and results of any relevant testing, and together you will map out your tailored health journey, giving you the tools to make the first steps towards optimising your health, removing the confusion out of the process.

Jess's straight talking, yet empathetic approach, is especially helpful in keeping you encouraged and moving towards your goals without being thrown off course by the ups and downs that are commonly experienced on the way to better health.

If you are looking for accountability, guidance and regular touch points with someone who is committed to & invested in your health success, and a step-by-step plan to get you from A to B with your health, shape or fitness journey, then email to book your appointment with The Online Nutrition Clinic.

Jess, I'm loving the workouts, I’ve never felt better or fitter and the support you give is second to none so thank you very much for the past year.

My energy levels are like nothing I have ever experienced, my weight continues to go down as do my measurements and I have now lost 10cm on my legs, and 7 cm on my waist.

 I'm more toned, my skin has improved and energy levels are much better. Cravings have gone too!

3 tips for immediate 
Do morning rituals 
4 ways to make exercise happen (even if you don’t feel like it)
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As an added bonus, we'll also send you our FREE Equipment Free Exercise Guide!
As an added bonus, you'll also join our weekly newsletter which will give you instant access to exclusive recipes, workouts and event updates and advice written for health seekers just like you!

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