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Our personal vision for Jess + Tom, is to create a welcoming space, where people feel at home; whether that's initially on this website, around our dinner table, on our Menorcan Retreats, at our nutrition talks or working one on one with us in our Online Nutrition Clinic or Online Workout Club.
A place where you feel inspired to make shifts in your eating or movement patterns, to lead you to a healthier, happier, more body-confident version of your current self.
We are a husband & wife team, we are passionate about health and fitness & we look to share that with those that wish to join us on our personal journey! 
We promise to always keep things real, honest, fun & simple, as that's how we like things.
Our mission is for you to leave having dipped your toe in any of our programmes/trainings or workshops feeling inspired, fitter and healthier, but also ‘enabled’ with tools that help you align your beliefs & values, create lasting change and lead you towards the life you desire.
We commit to help you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.
With love and an abundance of gratitude,
Jess and Tom xx
We're happiest surrounded by nature with our backpacks on! It's our remedy to just about anything & instantly makes us feel :)
We LOVE to go out & get dressed up, though you'll usually catch us hibernating indoors, enjoying home cooked food or relaxing on a beach bare foot!
You'll catch us running if it's for a good cause, though hiking, a sweaty HIIT session or restorative yoga practice is much more our thing!
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What will it cost me?
The retreats are designed for health seekers and adventurers who love to try new experiences and discover parts of the world they've never been to, whilst being totally and utterly looked after.  They want a complete holiday (with a difference) where they don't have to do a single bit of planning as it's all done for them. What would it look like to be on an island with like-minded people, to have the most delicious foods prepared for you from the moment you rise to the moment your head hits the pillow after the most rejuvinating day of yoga, bootcamps, pause time, sunshine, r e l a x i n g, learning and mingling with like minded people?

You will leave with the knowledge, fitness know-how and recipe creating skills to continue the amazing habits you've lived for four days, into your back at home life.

What will it cost you not to come? 
You can get started TODAY for just one payment of £347 (with two more monthly payments of £347) or, for the best value, one payment of £997